SouthMED was created from the desire to help when the world was in crisis. Helping our community will always be one of our core values. As a business, we strive to always be innovative and create functional and reliable healthcare products.

SouthMed beginnings

When COVID-19 spread to New Zealand, supply of respiratory hoods into the country seemed impossible. New Zealanders are known for their DIY (do-it-yourself) spirit and a team of highly skilled individuals rallied together to create a version of the Suzy hood. Their motivation was to help New Zealand hospitals in the outbreak. Project funds were offered by an exceptional New Zealand businessman and the hood was ready for mass production in a matter of weeks. 

The hood was initially designed to help prevent the spread of the virus and save ICU rooms for intubated patients. The Suzy hood does more than contain a virus, it provides respiratory support for patients with AHRF/ARDS. SouthMED also embraced that New Zealand are a multi-cultural nation and created different sizes that are comfortable for small and large physiques. 

We can supply to hospitals across New Zealand and Overseas. We have FDA class 1 and WAND registration. 

south med suzy hood founders dunedin new zealand v2

Photo Credit: Otago Daily Times