The hood is intended for delivery of CPAP and supplementary oxygen only under the supervision of a healthcare professional.

Free-breath Valve

The free-breath valve opens when the pressure inside the hood drops, to prevent asphyxiation. The valve can be easily removed by turning anti-clockwise. This is recommended before placing over the patient’s head during set up. Once the ventilator/oxygen are connected, the valve can be replaced by putting it in place and turning clockwise.

Slip on the hood

If the patient has a nasogastric tube and/or nasal cannula, make sure it is secured in place before placing the hood over their head. It’s also wise to set up a soft capnography tube from the patient at this point. The hood is best applied by two people on either side of the patient. Once the hood is on the patient’s head and the neck seal is comfortable, attached the armstraps and inflate the comfort cushions. This helps to decrease movement of the hood and reduce the dead space inside the hood as well.

The hood is not designed to fit with a specific ventilator and the inlet and outlet have been standardised for a universal fit.

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Monitoring the patient

Once the hood is on, ensure physiological parameters of the patient are measured. We recommend monitoring ECG and oxygen saturation (at a minimum). Claustrophobia is rare but occasionally patients may not tolerate use of the hood. Comfort may be enhanced by adjusting the position of the hood and the inflation of the cushions.

For more details, see our product information and indication for use provided in the packing box.

Size of Suzy Hood

There are two sizes (regular and super) of the Suzy hood. Before opening the box for a hood, make sure you are using the right size by measuring the patients neck size and the height and circumference of their head.


Product Neck circumference Registrations
Suzy Hood 27-52cm FDA Class | Oxygen Tent
NZ Medsafe registered for Oxygen tent, delivery of NIV and administration of PEEP
Super Suzy Hood 35-56.5cm FDA Class | Oxygen Tent
NZ Medsafe registered for Oxygen tent, delivery of NIV and administration of PEEP

Easy to follow video

This video shows how easy the hood is to set up on a patient. Dr Carr and his colleagues will take you step-by-step through the set up on a patient and how to administer CPAP and supplemental oxygen.

For more instructional videos, visit our YouTube channel