The hood, also called helmet, has been used for treating patients since the 1990’s, mainly in Europe. Use of the hood across the world increased during 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. There is years of research to support the clinical benefits of using a hood for CPAP or NIV

The latest research

Helmet noninvasive support for acute hypoxemic respiratory failure: rationale, mechanism of action and bedside application. Cesarano, M., Greico, D.L., Michi, T. et al. Ann. Intensive Care 12, 94 (2022).

  • This is a narrative review of 100 studies discussing the physiological rationale for using hoods to treat hypoxemic patients
  • Using a hood for NIV improved oxygenation and lowered inspiratory effort compared with HFNC. Also, compared with the HFNC, using the hood for NIV was associated with a lower rate of endotracheal intubation (30% vs 51%)
  • When compared with facemask NIV, using the hood for NIV showed significant reduction in patients needing endotracheal intubation (18% vs 61%) and improved mortality rates, shortened ICU stays and increased ventilator-free days

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WHO supports using hood in COVID-19 patients

The World Health Organisation have listed the hood as one of the recommended treatment option in their 2022 WHO Clinical Care for Severe Acute Respiratory Infection Toolkit, and their Clinical Management of COVID-19 Guidelines



Education is important to us and so is supporting health care professionals to feel confident in using a Suzy Hood. Using a hood to treat a patient is a team effort. SouthMED are knowledgeable and can offer great support to health care professionals and their teams. Support needs may vary, so please contact us to discuss what is right for you.


Helmet-based ventilation (HBV)

For online learning where you can work through the course at your own speed and at a time that suits you, Helmet Based Ventilation Website offers and outstanding and thorough course. Aurika Savickaite, RN, MSN, will take you through 6 modules covering the who, what, when, where, why and how of using CPAP and NIV via a Hood.

HBV Online Course

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